Staging: Why Carpet Cleaning in Kensington is a Must for Home Sellers

Staging a property allows you to attract buyers and secure sales. It helps you get a good price for your property, too. While de-cluttering and reorganising your home items are significant parts of the process, you also have to consider extensive cleaning, so you can make your home look appealing or even brand-new for your prospective buyers.

If you have wall-to-wall carpeting or big area rugs, they may need to be deep cleaned before you put your property up for sale. Here are two instances when carpet cleaning in Kensington homes is definitely a must for home sellers:


When You Have Furry Friends

As reported by Mail Online, pets can leave a trail of destruction in the homes of owners, which can become costly to clean up. From cats and dogs down to sweet little guinea pigs, these companion animals can surely make big messes in your home, and a survey by BT uncovers the effects:

Pets cause a staggering £872million worth of damage to our homes each year, according to research.

Badly behaved pets bring in dead animals, rip wallpaper, tear up pillows, chew pipes, go to the toilet where they shouldn’t and even eat up our food – to the tune of £231.50 per home per year.

Other damage includes ink stains on carpets from chewed up pens.

Nearly half of UK households have a pet, and dogs are the most likely to leave a trail of destruction – with cats not far behind.

Guinea pigs, however, are the best-behaved.

Unruly pet behaviour aside, your furry friends can also contribute to your home’s dirtiness every day. Naturally, they shed fur and animal dander (dead skin cells) on a daily basis, and these stick to your home’s fabrics and upholsteries, particularly your carpets. These tiny strands or particles are notorious allergens, and they can be accompanied by distinct pet odours that not everyone is fond of.

When You Observe Signs of High Use or Abuse

Your daily activities and months’ or years’ of special occasions and celebrations can take a toll on your carpeting, especially when you’ve lived in your home for decades; at some point, you’re bound to see stains that you can’t ever remember getting. Sometimes, the furnishings simply appear old and beaten yet it doesn’t feel practical to replace them since you’re moving out anyway.

An established company offering carpet cleaning in Chelsea, Kensington, and other Westminster areas – such as Safeclean Westminster – can thoroughly work on those issues. Using efficient cleaning products and skills, they can help restore the beauty of your home and attract prospective buyers.

(Source: Cleaning up after Fido costs £231 a year: Dogs are the most likely to leave owners a trail of destruction – with cats not far behind, Mail Online, June 14, 2014)

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