Keep Trendy Carpets Spotless with Westminster Carpet Cleaning Services

Westminster is the center of London’s finest attractions and home to the city’s most vibrant events, historical landmarks, and marvelous masterpieces of architecture. Even the area’s trendiest stores and restaurants are a sight to behold, and if you’re a proud resident, isn’t it a bit tempting to bring Westminster’s trademark style and class into your own home?

There are several elements of interior design that make up your home’s overall style and feel, and one of the most important choices you have to make early on is picking the right carpet to cover your flooring. An article from shares some tips that will help homeowners choose the perfect carpet:


Get in the Loop

Identifying styles of pile — the yarn that makes up a carpet — becomes easy when you see samples up close. Pile is sheared for “cut pile” or left intact for “loop pile”. A combination is called “cut-and-loop pile.”

Dive into the Pile

Seeing and touching carpet samples will drive home their differences — and your preferences. Pile heights include short velvet piles and longer plushes; deeper pile has a more luxurious feel, but short pile tends to be easier to care for. A carpet label is required by law to list fiber content and country of origin; some will include additional helpful details.

The Next Steps

As you shop, take the opportunity to ask questions, read labels, and find out how to install and maintain the carpet you buy.

Types and styles aren’t the only factors to consider before buying a carpet. Remember: carpets are long-term investments and it’s probably one of the few home fixtures that won’t be immediately replaced in the coming years, especially if you have help from Westminster carpet cleaning experts.

Make Sure the Price is Right

Compare the prices and designs between carpets from different suppliers. Carpets are usually priced per square yard, so ensure that the quality matches up to its value.

Pick the Perfect Padding

Padding ensures a carpet’s longevity and offers some much needed support and cushioning. Carpet padding also helps in controlling a room’s temperature and protects one’s privacy by absorbing unwanted noise.

Be Vigilant on Maintenance

Maintenance shouldn’t be taken lightly since germs and bacteria accumulate very easily. Aside from regular vacuuming, homeowners should also employ specialists to clean and steam the carpet. Professional cleaning companies like Safeclean Westminster offer services like carpet cleaning for Holland Park and Westminster homes.

(Source: What to Know Before Buying Carpet, September 2005)

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