Carpet Cleaning in Kensington: Carefully Removing Broken Glass Shards

Glass objects at home can break due to accidents. Now, if this happens on an uncovered floor, then cleaning the mess up would be to simply sweep them off. However, if the glass breaks on a carpet, then that is a whole different problem. This is because they would be more difficult to detect and clean up. When it comes to carpet cleaning in Kensington, glass is a tall order.

If a glass object breaks on a carpet, certain precautions must be made. First, it would be best to keep everyone from stepping on the carpet. A good alternative is to remove the carpet first and bring it elsewhere for cleaning. Next, make sure that the hands are protected by gloves when picking up shards. One may choose to use tools such as forceps or ice-cube thongs, but these may not be able to get all of the shards, so hands would still be needed for the littlest of pieces. The feet must also be protected as you are going to be on the carpet in search of glass. If you are kneeling, then pants must be worn.

A good way to start is by picking up all the large visible pieces, then use a vacuum and go over the carpet several times to get as much of the smaller pieces as possible. Afterwards, any remaining pieces that were not taken by the vacuum must be removed manually. Applying duct tape to the surface of the carpet would also help get pieces that the hands cannot get. It would be a good idea to vacuum one final time in order to make sure that all the pieces were removed.

Broken glass is a problem on an uncovered floor in itself, so having it on the carpet is a slightly bigger problem. It is best to attend to cleaning the carpet right away, especially if it is placed on a high-traffic area such as the living room. If you are unsure if you got every piece from the carpet, then it would be a good idea to seek help from a company that does carpet cleaning in Notting Hill such as Safeclean Westminster that can take care of the rest for you. It should be a good time to have it washed and cleaned thoroughly, too, anyway.

(Source: How To Clean Up Broken Glass On Carpet, boldsky, January 10, 2015)

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