Carpet Cleaning in Kensington is Needed Before Moving into a New Home

When buying a new home, most people tend to be very meticulous about every detail of the property. From furniture and decorations to wallpapers and carpets, everything about the house’s décor is considered an addition to its value. Wool carpets, in particular, can be prominent selling points as they give living room floors a nice elegant look. That said, you should consider hiring Kensington carpet cleaning experts from companies like Safeclean Westminster before you move into your new home.

Carpet Cleaning in Kensington is Needed Before Moving into a New Home

Wool Carpet Issues

True wool carpets are known for their soft texture and their classic aesthetic appeal. Although they are also known for their durability and their particle-retaining capabilities, that doesn’t mean that they should be cleaned less often than other carpets made of different materials. Wool carpets also have some disadvantages that can easily be remedied with the help of those who conduct proper carpet cleaning in Chelsea and nearby areas. To name two: wool’s moisture retention property gives it a musty odour when cleaned the wrong way and cleaning methods that apply to synthetic carpets are not suitable for wool carpets.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

For most homeowners who have had experience with carpets in the past, it is common knowledge that each carpet type will require a different approach to cleaning. With a carpet made of fine wool, a normal do-it-yourself cleaning session won’t suffice. It is recommended that you hire professional carpet cleaning companies like Safeclean Westminster to clean your wool carpets because they are equipped with the proper tools and skills to clean them thoroughly before you move into your home.

Maintenance of Wool Carpets

After a professional carpet cleaning, it is up to you to look after your wool carpets until your next scheduled cleaning. It is ideal to clean them once or twice a week using a vacuum cleaner. This way, you can remove any soil and dirt that could be embedded in the carpet that could cause matting, especially in areas with heavy foot traffic. For spills and stains, it is best to use cleaning solutions that will not cause any damage to the carpet. Avoid using dry powder cleaners, alkaline cleaners, bleach and hydrogen peroxide on removing stains. If you’re worried about damaging the carpet, call for a professional instead.


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