Common Misconceptions about Carpet Cleaning in Westminster, Debunked

It’s natural to feel a bit excited during the selection of a new carpet, as well as having it installed—more so if you’ve been using one that doesn’t really suit your preferences. However, a carpet can only maintain its new, clean look for a limited time, and you’ll have to deal with the possibility of cleaning it soon enough. As an investment, your carpet requires a certain level of maintenance to keep it looking good and feeling plush for years to come. Continue reading


Kensington Carpet Cleaning Services Can Help With Indoor Air Pollution

When a subject like air pollution is discussed, people often think of things like belching smoke stacks or automobiles spewing revolting exhaust. Air pollution in itself, however, is way more than that—a typical homeowner might harbour a few sources of pollutants in his abode and he might not even know it. Indoor air pollution is no slouch either, as it can actually be worse than typical outdoor pollution. Continue reading