Kensington Carpet Cleaning Services Can Help With Indoor Air Pollution

When a subject like air pollution is discussed, people often think of things like belching smoke stacks or automobiles spewing revolting exhaust. Air pollution in itself, however, is way more than that—a typical homeowner might harbour a few sources of pollutants in his abode and he might not even know it. Indoor air pollution is no slouch either, as it can actually be worse than typical outdoor pollution.

Better beware as indoor air pollution can cause great harm. However, preventing it from causing problems is possible with a few precautionary measures targeting the typical indoor pollutant sources outlined below:


Carpets and rugs can easily beautify a living space with their wide variety of designs. If they’re left to their own devices, though, they could be a significant source of harmful air pollutants. Dirty carpets can harbour huge amounts of dirt, dust mites, pet dander, fungus, and other contaminants which can cause a wide range of health problems. If you haven’t cleaned your rugs and carpets for a while (and you’re unsure how to do it), you can ask people from a local Kensington carpet cleaning firm like Safeclean Westminster to help you out.

Cleaning Supplies

Mainstream laundry detergents potentially contain harmful chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate, which have been linked to organ and developmental/reproductive toxicity, neurotoxicity, and even cancer. You should also watch out for the substances you use to clean various surfaces in the home, like windows. When using such supplies it is advised to keep your windows open to avoid letting the fumes accumulate inside your home.


Paints have long emitted pungent smells, mainly due to high VOC content (which is common in dated paint brands). To minimise associated health risks, it is advised to choose low-VOC paints altogether and keep windows open during painting, and for several days after while the paint dries.

“Mood Enhancers”

It’s not uncommon to light a set of scented or ornamental candles in order to set the overall mood in a room, but most commercial candles nowadays have been found to contain the chemicals benzene and toluene, which are both carcinogenic (cancer-causing) chemicals. You can avoid the risks by choosing beeswax candles instead, which can actually help cleanse the air.

Indoor air pollution is harmful, but with a few measures like regular carpet cleaning in Notting Hill, you can keep the dangers at bay. The indoors is supposed to be a safe haven from the dangers of the outside world, so do everything in your power to keep it so.


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