Common Misconceptions about Carpet Cleaning in Westminster, Debunked

It’s natural to feel a bit excited during the selection of a new carpet, as well as having it installed—more so if you’ve been using one that doesn’t really suit your preferences. However, a carpet can only maintain its new, clean look for a limited time, and you’ll have to deal with the possibility of cleaning it soon enough. As an investment, your carpet requires a certain level of maintenance to keep it looking good and feeling plush for years to come.

The process of thorough carpet cleaning in Westminster, however, is rife with misconceptions. Lacking a general idea about how carpet cleaning should be done can be quite disastrous in the long run, since you’ll potentially use methods and substances, which you may not know can damage your carpet. It’s time to turn the tide. Here are a few common carpet cleaning myths, debunked at last.

Myth #1: You Should Wait As Long As Possible Before Cleaning Your Carpet

Should you wait it out until your carpet is obviously covered in dirt and grime, with the latter perfectly visible to the naked eye? No. Keep in mind that dirt is as abrasive as sandpaper; every time you or your peers step on your carpet, dirt finds its way into the fibers. Over time, the particles of dirt can “cut” your carpet fibres just like a knife, causing it to wear down faster. A dirty carpet would never last long.

Myth #2: You Can Thoroughly Clean It On Your Own

You throw a party in your home; some people inadvertently bump into each other while dancing and subsequently spill some red wine on your carpet. It’s tempting to do everything in your power just to remove that one stain (use huge amounts of soap on it, for instance), but you can’t, and you wouldn’t be able to. You’ll be better off hiring a local Bayswater carpet cleaning firm like Safeclean Westminster to do the job.

Myth #3: Different Cleaning Methods Work The Same

This is flat out wrong. For a DIY approach, all you have is a handful of household cleaners like detergents, bleach, and the like, as well as simple rugs and brushes. Professional cleaners have a really stacked arsenal of cleaning techniques: bonnet, dry foam, dry compound, hot water extraction, and others. With a wider range of cleaning options, professional cleaning obviously offers much better results than DIY cleaning.


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