Myths About Carpet Cleaning

Many homeowners live in a world of blissful unawareness about how to look after their carpets and various myths abound. Some people can be afraid of getting their carpet cleaned, worrying about the length of time it will take to dry. Modern carpet fibres dry quickly and, providing the carpet’s not heavily saturated (which a professional cleaning company won’t do), the moisture will wick away quickly into the atmosphere. Drying time after cleaning shouldn’t take more than 12-24 hours, depending on the size of the area cleaned and room temperature. Professional cleaning won’t make a carpet shrink either, since professional equipment doesn’t saturate it to the extent where the fibres or backing material become compromised, causing irreversible changes.

Some homeowners are under the impression that vacuuming is bad for the carpet and will cause damage. The truth is completely the opposite. Carpet fibres are strong and if the carpet is of good quality, the suction from the vacuum will do nothing more than remove dirt and dust that could otherwise build up to become a health hazard.

Many people resort to bleach for all cleaning purposes around their home, including dealing with a carpet that’s suffered and accident in the form of a spill or stain. Bleach is an incredibly powerful substance and, as well as probably dyeing even the lightest carpet, bleach will dehydrate and damage its integrity. The best advice is not to use bleach, but to seek professional advice.

Even a home carpet cleaning machine isn’t ideal. These are domestic models rather than professional machines and will have limitations affecting the quality of the job. All cleaning machines need technical know-how and physical strength/fitness to operate, so it’s not a job everyone can tackle easily. It really pays to spend a little on a professional cleaning service.

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