Myths About Carpet Cleaning

Many homeowners live in a world of blissful unawareness about how to look after their carpets and various myths abound. Some people can be afraid of getting their carpet cleaned, worrying about the length of time it will take to dry. Modern carpet fibres dry quickly and, providing the carpet’s not heavily saturated (which a professional cleaning company won’t do), the moisture will wick away quickly into the atmosphere. Drying time after cleaning shouldn’t take more than 12-24 hours, depending on the size of the area cleaned and room temperature. Professional cleaning won’t make a carpet shrink either, since professional equipment doesn’t saturate it to the extent where the fibres or backing material become compromised, causing irreversible changes.
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Carpet Cleaning in Westminster: Getting Rid of Those Stubborn Stains

There are times when a drink gets spilled on the carpet. No matter if it was coffee, juice, wine, or some other liquid, they can be hard to get off, though some would be easier compared to the others. However, with the proper tools—and if all else fails, with the help of professional cleaners— carpet cleaning in Westminster is easy, and you can even get stains that have already set in. Continue reading

Carpet Cleaning in Kensington: Carefully Removing Broken Glass Shards

Glass objects at home can break due to accidents. Now, if this happens on an uncovered floor, then cleaning the mess up would be to simply sweep them off. However, if the glass breaks on a carpet, then that is a whole different problem. This is because they would be more difficult to detect and clean up. When it comes to carpet cleaning in Kensington, glass is a tall order. Continue reading

Staging: Why Carpet Cleaning in Kensington is a Must for Home Sellers

Staging a property allows you to attract buyers and secure sales. It helps you get a good price for your property, too. While de-cluttering and reorganising your home items are significant parts of the process, you also have to consider extensive cleaning, so you can make your home look appealing or even brand-new for your prospective buyers.

If you have wall-to-wall carpeting or big area rugs, they may need to be deep cleaned before you put your property up for sale. Here are two instances when carpet cleaning in Kensington homes is definitely a must for home sellers:

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