Emergency Carpet Cleaning Tips for Unsightly Stains of Unknown Origin

Everyone knows what the biggest banes of a clean carpet are, namely wine spills, permanent markers, chocolates, and, worse, pet urine. All these can create unsightly and often hard-to-remove stains on your carpet if not handled immediately.

What if you see a stain on your carpet and you haven’t the slightest idea how or when it got there? The longer it has been there, the more difficult it will be to take it out. It would be best to call on carpet cleaning services to ensure protection of your precious investment. If, for one reason or another, you cannot have the pros work on you carpet just yet, you may try a few tips, as discussed below.

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Blotting the Stain

Never attempt to rub off the stain from your carpet under any circumstances. Instead, blot it off using a dry cleaning solvent. This could easily remove some unknown stains. Never blot the stain with water, for this can only help it set on the carpet, particularly if the unknown stain is oil-based.

Blot the stain by applying light strokes, starting at the centre and moving slowly outwards. Your carpet stain woes are over if the process worked in removing the spot. Otherwise, blot dry your carpet first before proceeding to the next step.

Blotting the Second Time

If the stain didn’t come off from the first blotting, you will need to do it again. This time, you have two options: use detergent solution, or one with a combination of vinegar and detergent. Follow the same procedure as you did the first time, then blot the surface dry once more.

Final Rinsing

Should the stain remain despite these procedures, it’s time for the final test. First, prepare a mixture of one part white vinegar diluted in four parts water, then pour it into a spray bottle. Spray this mixture over the stained area, afterwards blot it to remove moisture (while taking care not to rub the stain off). Afterwards, spread at least 6-8 sheets of kitchen towel or absorbent cloth on the stain then place a heavy object on top. Leave this overnight and repeat if the stain is still present.

If none of the above techniques work, then you can trust professional carpet cleaning services to do the job for you. If you do not wish to take any chances with home remedies, call the professionals from cleaning companies in Westminster, Holland Park, and nearby areas, like Safeclean Westminster.


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