Carpet Cleaning Experts Enumerate Some Ways to Extend a Carpet’s Life

With the daily stress put into a home’s carpet, your family may unknowingly be shortening its lifespan. Fortunately, with these simple ways, carpets can last for a very long time.

Entrance matting

Entrance mats fulfil various essential functions. They’re the first line of defence to carpets by absorbing water, capturing dirt, acting as a barrier against heavy footfall and offering instant protection against sharp spikes on footwear, such as football boots and stiletto heels. Fixed or moveable entrance matting at the door is critical to maintaining the longevity of carpets.


Removing shoes


Outdoor shoes gather bacteria from outside dirt which spreads around carpets when shoes continue to be worn inside. Research has found bacteria on the outside of the shoes, including nasties like E.coli, as well as toxins from herbicides and even lead dust. Exposure to these can cause minor problems like skin rashes and stomach upsets and also longer term health effects such as asthma. Shoes bring in general dirt and grime, which means more cleaning’s necessary that leads to more wear and tear and the need to replace carpets sooner.


Tackling problems fast


It’s important to tackle spillages and stains quickly, as well as other problems e.g. spotting bugs, moths or mites. Bugs can be eradicated by professionals and 99% of stains can be removed by cleaning with the right cleaning agent within the first 48 hours. The longer a carpet is allowed to absorb a stain, the greater the chemical reaction and the harder it will be to remove.


Regular professional maintenance


Homes with carpets need to have them cleaned at least once a year, although most carpet cleaning experts agree that the ideal gap is 6 months between cleans to help maintain good condition and increase their life, especially if the home’s used by children, pets and/or heavy traffic. Professional carpet cleaning helps eradicate micro-organisms and, over time, will improve the air quality of the home.




How to Extend the Life of Carpet in Your Facility, The Carpet and Rug Institute

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