Carpet Cleaning a Must to Tackle and Remove These Unwelcome Guests

You may not be aware of it yet, but other than dirt and dust, your carpet may be teeming with other unwanted guests that may pose a threat to your family’s health. Take a closer look at these allergens and little critters that may already be in your carpet right now.

Dust Mites

Typically found in beddings, soft furnishings, and carpets, house dust mites are tiny creatures that live off human skin scales. Mites themselves do not trigger allergies, but the proteins in their droppings does. In a single day, dust mites produce 20 of these droppings, which can continue to cause allergic symptoms after the mite has died.

Pollen and Mould

Pollen usually comes from trees, grasses, and flowers, and are carried by wind and bids. Mould, on the other hand, is a fungus that produces spores. Like pollen, these spores float in the air and trigger allergic symptoms to people who have pollen and mould allergy.

Dander and Pet Secretions

Other than leaving a huge stain to your carpets, your pet’s dander, saliva, urine, and other secretions can also aggravate your allergies. Like dust mites, their secretions contain proteins that are potential allergens. Dander, on the other hand, tend to trap dust and pollen, which can cause allergic symptoms to occur among people.

How did they get there?

One question that may have crossed your mind is: how did they get to my carpet in the first place? Your carpet is a virtual magnet for these allergens, and the slightest movement may disturb them, sending them all airborne for several hours.

In addition to vacuuming your carpet regularly and thoroughly, have it professionally cleaned once every six months by carpet cleaning experts like Safeclean Westminster.

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